Epiphany Celebration is a Christian holiday and it illustrates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river and celebrates the revelation that Christ is incarnated both God and man. 

In Cyprus, as in the Orthodox Church, people make a representation of the baptism of Jesus Christ by throwing a cross into the waters and many try to get it. The first who gets it, means he will be blessed for the year.

Note: This year, the Epiphany Celebration (Epifania, Theofania or Fota/Lights in Greek) will be held in Marina of Larnaca at 10:00-10:30 am.

Another tradition in Cyprus is not only eating "Loukoumades" (a cypriot sweet) but also, throwing some in the roof of our houses. The reason we do that is to make "Kalikantzarus" or "Skalapuntarus" (little bad elves) to go away.

Note: Try Loukoumades in little shops in the centre of Larnaca and Finikoudes.

Last tradition in Cyprus that we do in the Epiphany Day, is to ask for "pouloustrina" (money) from our grandparents. The grandchildren sing a specific song that goes

                 "Kalimera ke ta fota"  / "Goodmorning and the Lights"

"ke tin pulustrina prota" / "and firstly the money"

On Sunday, you won't be able to walk around in city and not face one of the above traditions. So you might as well join them and live your day as a Cypriot.